Greenpeace Outreach Campaigners

Permanent Fulltime

We live in an amazing country where we surf the waves, ski the mountains, tramp the bush and every kid can catch a fish – we don’t know how lucky we are! An environment this amazing is worth protecting and to do so we need amazing communicators to inspire Kiwis to become Greenpeace supporters.

Our Outreach Campaigners are out and about talking to Kiwis all over NZ. We go where the people are, either in shopping areas or door to door, to tell the stories of our campaign work, to show people how they can make a difference and most importantly to sign-up new long term supporters via a monthly direct debit.

Why apply?
It’s certainly not your traditional job but there’s a good chance it’ll be the most rewarding you ever have.

Here's some highlights:

- You’ll meet the most amazing, inspiring people in your team and in the community
- You’ll be a part of shaping NZ and the world for the better
- You’ll have the opportunity to constantly develop and advance
- You’ll work and play with a close knit team of like-minded individuals
- You’ll get the chance to see NZ and maybe the world as part of travel teams
- You’ll get fantastic experience in fundraising and add one of the world's best known NGOs to your CV.
- You’ll receive a decent rate of pay and plenty of non-financial rewards.

Many Outreach Campaigners start at Greenpeace not knowing too much about the organisation but the skills and development they receive on the job are invaluable in wherever their life takes them in the very long term. It’s very common for people to move on to more senior roles in our teams or other roles within Greenpeace.

When and Where?
We are always looking for good people to step up and go on this journey with us.

These are full time jobs (we are also happy to hear from students and backpackers who can’t commit permanently, but can commit to more than 4 months).

Our street team work from 9am till 5pm and our door team work from 1.30pm till 8.30pm.

We need people in:

Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, and people who are able to travel.

We are also looking for people who don’t just want to protect this beautiful place but to get out and see it as part of traveling teams that visit smaller communities all over New Zealand.

Who should apply?
It is said that “nothing worth doing is ever easy” and this is a job with plenty of challenge, for the kind of person who always sees the opportunity.

We are looking for someone with:

- A friendly, enthusiastic manner, able to inspire others.
- A determined attitude who goes the extra mile to always improve so they can achieve their goals.
- The confidence to request financial support for Greenpeace campaigns.
- A belief that if we work together we can build a better world.
- Experience in face to face fundraising, direct sales, telemarketing or similar role with transferable skills.

If you have a positive attitude and the motivation to work hard for a great cause -we want to hear from you. Apply with a CV and covering letter.

Applicants must be fluent in English and be eligible to work in New Zealand.


Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch
Closing date: 30 April 2015

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